The Joy of Coffee
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Reward yourself with one of nature's finest gifts

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Date Published Friday, September 4, 2015 Accept what is and experience real joy - Do not worry about the future live in the present moment Author: Cheryl Lamb

Cultivated in more than seventy countries and enjoyed by people from every corner of the globe, coffee has emerged as a leading commodity of international trade. Throughout history, coffee has brought people together in cafes and diners. On countless occasions, a cup of java turned a dreary morning commute into a nostalgic sing-a-long with the radio. A mug of steaming coffee has kept long haul truckers awake enough to keep the economy churning. Even the famous grande peppermint cappuccino has made its place in history as a driver of advancements in information technology.

All you need is Snoopy and a cup of coffeeAdvancements in coffee agriculture, production, and distribution, has lead to the dramatic rise in popularity in this ubiquitous drink. After its explosion in the globalized market, coffee has evolved from an expensive luxury into a staple for every home, restaurant, and business. From church to government office, coffee has found it’s home next to sugar, milk, and a variety of flavorful additives. Removing ourselves from the wonders of economics, we embrace ourselves within the realm of our senses. Sensationalism is our one tool that proves to us that we are part of the world. Starting with our ears, we remember the percolating gurgling of our parent's coffee brewer. With our eyes, we see the dark and mystical swirling brown that captivates us. Our hands support the radiated warmth as it travels through our very bones. In a tantalizing gesture, our hands bring our cup closer to our nose. Your eyes widen in pleasure as the aroma incites fond memories and fills you with the scent shared by the world. Some beautiful memories take hold of you as your senses blossom. Your tongue awaits the flavor of what is perfectly described as coffee. No collections of descriptions can reveal the flavor of coffee. Allow your soul to demand the sensations. Remember; everything in moderation, including moderation.

Do you relax or energize after your first sip? Step outside for a moment and breath the fresh air that the world has given you. If you desire relaxation, do what is soothing; if you seek action; take the first step of your next journey. Close your eyes for a moment and relive an experience where you were truly moving with the world. Reduce the clamour of the confusions around you and take a long sip from the black gold in your hands.

Which aroma makes you breath deeply? Which roast makes your mouth smile? The varieties are endless, and you are only fingertips away from experiencing the world. Taste mid altitude Arabica beans from Yemen. Enjoy high altitude Columbia coffee grown on the mountainsides of the Andes. Grown from the eponymous island of Java, experience the sensations of the style that has completely encompassed the earth. The world is within your grasp; try something new.

Sensations fuel our lives, and we must provide ourselves with the best that the world has to offer. Whether from your local barista or by your own hand, coffee can be enjoyed alone or with company. Exercise your mind in an intellectually stimulating conversation or in the arousing passages of a favorite book. Exercise your body with a jog around your favorite vista. Exercise your soul with an internal journey through the enigmatic questions that define our lives.

As fair trade markets continue to grow based on the choices of our common humanity, we can feel secure in the knowledge that our purchases are feeding and educating farmers and their families around the world. By support entrepreneurs and their employees, we provide the ability to bring new materials and resources into emerging nations. Their quality of lives increase, as they become functioning members of the globalized market economy. In time, their societal developments will produce a consumer culture to purchase goods from others. By sharing cultures, we find that we are able to better understand the needs and desires of people around the world. We find that our differences are not negatives, but positives. World peace will come through trade, travel, and love. Let coffee lead us to a better world.

By drinking coffee, you are continuing a healthy and global institution, reinvigorating your senses, and supporting blossoming economies. By your purchase, you are not only receiving one of nature's finest gifts, but also changing the world we live in for the better. You deserve to awaken your mind, body, and soul, with a fresh cup of coffee every morning. Go ahead and connect with the world and reward yourself, you deserve it.

Don't forget; everything in moderation, including moderation.


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