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Positive thinking has definite health benefits

Date Published Monday, August 21, 2017 Having a positive attitude can help prevent disease in later life - The health benefits of keeping positive are reduced risk of catching a common cold. Author: Rebecca James

Positive thinking has its benefits"Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important. Capture the good times.
And if things don't work out, just take another shot". ~ Ziad K. Abdelnour

What are the Health Benefits of Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking has always been considered a powerful way to live a life with more optimism and less negativity. While there has always been physiological and psychological benefits, most don't realize the physical and mental health benefits a more positive attitude can provide. Anybody can shift their thinking from negative to positive with a few techniques.

  • Avoid The Common Cold

    It's been proven through research that any activity that brings you joy and improves your outlook on life can help fight illnesses. Segerstrom did a study that focused on the brain and immunity. She recruited 124 people and asked them to complete several questionnaires and checks on their immunity throughout an entire year. She noticed that those who showed more optimism showcased greater immunity in their cells. Those who were negative and pessimistic experienced a negative effect on their immune cells.

  • Prevent Depression And Cardiovascular Disease

    Most people don't realize the power behind a positive attitude and how it can affect your future health. George Patton, a professor focusing on adolescent health research in Melbourne, Australia, found that older adults who have optimism are less likely to deal with mental and physical health problems. He says that both depression and cardiovascular disease are greatly minimized with positivity. It may not be the cure, but he says that teens with optimism develop traits that prevent antisocial behavior and substance abuse, which may lead to eventual diseases and mental conditions.

  • Handle Situations Better With Less Stress

    George Patton also explains that positive people deal with stress in a more relaxed state. They don't see things as permanent. They instead see things as merely temporary, and so struggles and problems are really thought of as something that will end eventually. This is often seen in those who apply for jobs and don't get it. An optimistic person will face rejection and look for ways to improve their chances for their next interview, while the negative person will believe that everything is out of their control.

Health benefits of having a positive attitude lead to greater happiness

How To Develop A Positive Attitude

Now that we know the benefits of being more positive, the question most people have now is, "how do I become more positive?"

You're going to learn about a few different things that will help you live a happier and more fulfilled life.

  • Gratitude

    Happiness is all about appreciating what you already have. Being in a state of gratitude puts you in a great mood. Simply be grateful for what you have; your home, the bed, food, a roof over your head, water, shelter, and anything else you can come up with. Just count all the things you're grateful and live your life in a state of gratitude, because doing this will allow you to be more naturally optimistic and live in a state of gratitude.

  • Find More Reasons To Smile

    For most people; they look at all the bad things going on in their day. Instead, try doing something that will help you feel better. The best thing you can try doing is watch a funny movie. It could be any movie. Laughing, smiling, and just relaxing can improve your overall current mood. Find more and more reasons to smile.

  • No Complaining For A Day

    Give this a shot; don't complain for the entire day. Just for a single 24-hour day avoid saying or thinking anything negative. If you do think something negative, let it go. This simple trick can be used on a daily basis. When you try to make a choice to be positive but it gets difficult, just tell yourself, "I'll be positive just for this day alone." This minimizes the stress of having to be positive all day every day. This isn't about being a robot and not feeling your sad emotions. It just means that you're going to try and stay optimistic even when you hit a bumpy road. When something doesn't go your way, be optimistic and try to find a solution.

  • You Have A Choice

    Every morning you are given a choice. You can either see things negatively or see things positively. It's merely up to you to decide how the day will go. Whether the day goes as planned or things go wrong, you have a choice whether you will let it affect you negatively or positively. During every moment and circumstance in your life, make the right choice.

Happiness and joy are the sources of life. You are meant to be happy and live optimistically. You may not have complete control of circumstances, but you do have control over how you deal with them. You have the ability to smile, to be kind, and to have a positive perspective every day. You just need to "choose" to be positive.


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These days you will find positive thinking promoted in many situations, e.g. in health, psychology, children’s educational programs, sporting organisations and even in business sales and marketing. Learning how to increase awareness to live in the present moment and reduce negative thoughts has been shown to increase motivation and success in many fields of endeavor.