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How the Body Heals Itself

The amazing internal healing powers of the body are largely driven by Glutathione

The human body is amazing. One of the awe-inspiring things about it is its ability to heal itself. When healthy people cuts themselves, breaks a bone, or in some other way injures themselves, they are confident that they will heal. The healing power of the body is seen in the way that the body treats diseases. Many diseases occur when people abuse their bodies or do not give their bodies the basic tools that it needs to keep itself healthy over long periods of time.

The Wonderful Power of the Human Cell

The building block of the entire body is the cell. In fact, everyone started as a single cell that continued to divide inside their mother's uterus until they were born as a complete human baby.

From the moment of conception until the day of death, the cells inside the body are working to keep the body going at maximum efficiency. Their goal is to create a state of homeostasis, or balance, within the body. When a person gets sick and takes medicine or they have surgery to treat their sickness, all they are really doing is supplementing the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Each cell that we have in our bodies works as a living unit that is constantly checking and adjusting itself to guarantee that it is functioning in harmony with the instructions that it receives from our original DNA code. Human cells, which are the building blocks of life, come completely equipped with self-healing ability as well as with the ability to create new cells to replace cells that have been damaged or destroyed. This is even the case when large numbers of cells have been permanently damaged or destroyed.

When we are injured and start to bleed, the blood vessels at the site of the injury immediately start to contract to stop the bleeding. Then, the blood platelets that are exposed to air begin to clot. White blood cells build-up in the location and use lysosomes to digest and destroy any dead cells that are in the area. Once the dead cells have been removed, fresh cells occupy the area.

The process of creating new cells starts almost instantaneously. Older cells are moved to the site of the injury and new cells are generated in order to fill the space that was made by the injury. Once the healing process is complete, this incredible process of cell regeneration stops.

This healing process is not something that just happens when a person has an injury. It is also the way that the body deals with every day wear and tear. Cells that have been damaged or destroyed are replaced daily in our skin, hair, intestines, and blood.

Understanding the Role of Glutathione In Maintaining Health

Glutathione is found naturally in every cell in the body. It is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals while at the same time helping the body to process vitamins C and E. It is also essential in regulating nitric oxide in the body as well as the body's ability to metabolize iron. Because of its importance, many take glutathione as a way of supplementing their immune system and to avoid inflammatory diseases. Doctors will give this supplement to chemotherapy patients since it can help with the poisonous side effects from radiation. This supplement can also increase the body's ability to naturally fight off liver disease, glaucoma, asthma, memory loss, as well as Parkinson's disease.

Free Radicals

Free radicals are atoms or molecules that have either too many or too few electrons in their outer shells. This leads to them being unstable and very reactive. Free radicals are a natural part of the body's energy making process inside the cell. In fact, a certain percentage of the oxygen used to make energy is diverted to create free radicals.

However, when it comes to free radicals, a very fine balance must be maintained. Free radicals have the important job of eliminating waste that comes when a cell's nucleus, or its cytoplasm, is damaged. However, if free radicals become excessive in number, they lead to disease. Inflammation, infection, and severe stress cause the body to increase its production of free radicals.


People living in the United States are slowly beginning to realize that a lot of the diseases they are battling with are avoidable and that they have the power to prevent them. Whether it is something as common as a cold or something that is more serious such as heart disease or cancer, people have the responsibility of working to keep these illnesses at bay. Living a healthy lifestyle, having a healthy diet, exercising, and reducing stress will help a person to stay healthy whether they are young or old.

Proper Sleep and Rest

According to the CDC, as many as two thirds of Americans do not sleep enough. An average person should sleep around eight hours a day, and a child should get between 11 to 12 hours of sleep. However, the fast-paced and complicated lives that we live in this modern age makes sleeping seem like it is a luxury. Sleeping is one of the primary ways that the body keeps itself physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. The body and its cells do the majority of its repair and regenerative work while we are sleeping. If people short themselves of sleep, they will damage their immune system and prevent their body from working at its best.


Processed foods, food additives, and preservatives are toxic to the human body. The best way to maintain health is to eat a vegetable and fruit rich diet that has few animal fats and few hydrogenated oils. Foods like beans, nuts, and seeds are beneficial. It is preferable to eat raw vegetables as opposed to cooking them. Organic foods are to be preferred over non-organic since they have less pesticides and growth hormones.


Regular exercise strengthens the body. It improves the condition of the body's cardiovascular network and minimizes emotional stress. The more exercise a person does, the better they will sleep. In order to be beneficial, exercise does not need to be excessive. It can be fun and something that will stimulate blood circulation and help the body oxygenate and purify itself.

Every single person has the responsibility to take charge of his or her health. The more we work with our bodies and give our bodies what they truly need, the less time we will spend in the doctor's office and taking prescription drugs.


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