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Healthy Mind & Body

Healthy mind and body living in the present moment

Date Published Friday, May 29, 2015

A healthy mind and body is essential for a great life. People that can design their lifestyle for maximum happiness generally live the most stress free lives. There are several aspects to a healthy mind and body, and almost every decision we make on a daily basis can affect our minds and our bodies. Here are the different areas to concentrate on for a healthy mind and body and how to improve those areas.


One of the most difficult things to do in our society is to simply enjoy the moment. In order to live in the present, you must learn to let go of the past and any regrets that you have. By only concentrating on the present, a person can achieve full mindfulness and remove the clutter from regrets of the past and worries about the future. By learning to let go of the past, many people will experience a relief from stress that they have never felt before. Stress is a big downward weight on overall health, and if a person can master how to reduce their stress they can have a much healthier lifestyle. Learning to live in present with full mindfulness can not only increase happiness but can also add years to your life. One of the best books on the subject is called, "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.


In our modern society, many people simply are not getting enough sleep. Although people do go to sleep every night, the quality and quantity of sleep are not enough to fully refresh themselves. There are several aspects of improving sleep that anyone can start today. First of all, sleep in a dark room. Turning off all electronics and any lights can make a huge difference in sleep quality. Another step that people can take is to not look or use their cell phones for several hours before going to bed. Finally, eating a good and healthy diet will make it easier to sleep longer. Eventually, by following these steps a typical person will be able sleep longer and more easily. Sleep is when the body repairs itself both physically and mentally. There are short and long term issues with not getting enough sleep, and it should be viewed as an investment of time, much like exercising.

Healthy Eating Plan

Perhaps the most important thing that anyone can do in their lives is to have a healthy eating plan with plenty of water. With the standard modern diet, there are people that get few of the vitamins and minerals they need to thrive over the long term. In addition, instead of drinking sugary drinks people should only drink healthy drinks like milk or water. In order to start a healthy eating plan, many people recommend eating only things that come from nature. This essentially means healthy meats, fruits, and vegetables while drinking plenty of water. Most of the modern diet is processed foods that have been stripped of many of their nutrition over time. By starting to eat more natural and healthy, a person can not only shed unwanted weight but they will be more healthy and have more energy for life as well.


Another area of our modern lives that is hurting health is lack of exercise. Although many people feel like they are busy, in reality the actual physical activity that many people performs is quite low. Many people work a desk job where they sit most of the day. Even if a person exercises for a couple of hours a week, if that is the only physical activity a person conducts in a day their health is still going to suffer over the long term. Healthy moderate exercise yields many benefits over time. First of all, the bones and muscles of the body will be stronger as a result. A person will typically feel better and have more energy as a result of increasing exercise as well. Finally, a person's immune system is also boosted through regular exercise. Due to the variety of benefits that exercise has on the mind and body, it is one of the best investments of time that a person who is health conscience can make.

Sufficient Income

Finally, having a sufficient income to afford the necessities of life can go a long way in increasing overall happiness. Many people actually have the money to afford the necessities of life, but have poor spending habits and are not good at managing their money. However, there are also people that simply do not make enough money to afford basics like food and housing. In order to live a full life, increasing income or decreasing expenses is essential. It is important that people understand that material possessions will not lead to higher overall happiness. However, not having the money to afford life basics like shelter can have a negative impact on wellbeing. Managing money correctly and either increasing income or decreasing expenses should allow almost anyone to have sufficient income to maintain a lifestyle with all of the basics.


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Key ingredients required for a Happy and Healthy Life

1. Mindfulness - Present Moment Awareness and Meditation – Actively work on leaving behind regrets and anger from the past and don’t worry too much about what MIGHT happen tomorrow. Rather look for peace and happiness right here and now. A reference to Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now” may be helpful.

2. Adequate Sleep – recharge the battery and repair the body -

3. Healthy Diet with plenty of water! – For a variety of reasons many people find it difficult to always eat healthy food. In that case taking a multivitamin / nutritional supplement that supports the body's immune system would be beneficial, e.g. Cellgevity from Max International.

4. Regular moderate exercise, remember the popular saying ... "Use it or you will lose it!"

5. Sufficient income to support a simple lifestyle - Material things are impermanent and don't really bring lasting happiness. With the right mindset one can live simply and enjoy life to the fullest. If folk are struggling to afford the basic necessities of life there are many part-time work from home business opportunities they can explore. I will be posting several good recommendations/suggestions on how to earn extra income on my website.

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