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How to Maintain Good Health for an Active Lifestyle

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Date Published Thursday, August 6, 2015 Regular Exercise is required to maintain Good Health - A positive attitude and adequate sleep are additional key elements of good health Author: Archita M.

If you want to attain good health, it is important that you understand the aspects that affect your health. Good health is derived from following a variety of different practices. This article suggests 4 key elements that contribute to good health.

Regular Exercise

Exercising is important for proper health. The following are some of the main benefits of exercising:

  • Boosts your self esteem

  • Keeps your brain healthy

  • Improves your physical performance

  • Reduces depression, anxiety and stress levels

  • Maintain a healthy body weight

  • Reduces the risk of developing fatal conditions such as heart disease, high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

Experts advise people to exercise their bodies at least three times every week.

Proper Nutrition

One of the most important elements of good health is good nutrition. Your body needs nutrients to provide energy for growth and repair and in order to operate properly. Vitamins are nutrients that help your body to convert food into energy and for maintaining cellular tissues. Minerals are necessary for repairing and developing your bodily structures.

Although you can derive all the essential nutrients from a balanced diet, it is hard to maintain a proper diet on a regular basis. According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control), under 1/3 of Americans eat the right amounts of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis necessary for acquiring the essential nutrients for the body. This is part of the reason most doctors recommend vitamin supplements to patients.

When your body does not acquire the right amount of nutrients every day, the body's system that is responsible for maintaining your health begins to work below its normal potential. When this happens, you begin to experience side effects such as degenerative diseases, lack of energy and premature ageing. Your body utilizes the nutrients in your body to work properly. If there are no nutrients, your body fails to function properly leading to poor health.

Enzymes control the biochemical reaction in your body. Biochemical reactions ensure the proper functioning of all your body organs. When you do not have proper enzymes, your body begins to deteriorate and you become vulnerable to diseases. The body produces enzymes from the food you eat and cannot produce enzymes on its own. As you grow older, your body produces fewer enzymes and you begin to age faster. As a result, the metabolic processes of your body are slow and receive less energy.

When you eat food that is highly processed or cooked at very high temperatures, your body does not get the natural enzymes from the food. In turn your digestive system is stressed and the pancreas and liver begin to malfunction. When your pancreas and liver cannot manufacture enzymes, you begin to experience symptoms such as bloating, unwanted gas, constipation, loose stools and leaky gut syndrome.

When your skin does not get the right enzymes, it loses its appearance, tone and elasticity, causing you to develop blemishes and wrinkles. Therefore, it is important to consume the right amount of enzymes for proper health. If you buy enzyme supplements, ensure the product you buy has plant not animal based enzymes.

Quality Sleep

Sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of your body. Without sufficient sleep you experience difficulty concentrating at the daytime. Lack of enough sleep also causes one to be stressed. The main importance of sleep is that it is the time your body repairs damages caused to your body during the day.

If your body fails to repair itself because of insufficient sleep, your brain does not function right. Additionally, your body's cells start to accumulate waste products. A build up of waste in your cells causes them to work poorly that leads to insufficient energy and consequently poor health. During sleep, your body's regulates hormone production. Therefore, insufficient sleep causes hormonal imbalances leading to poor health. Experts recommend that the average adult should sleep for 8 hours.

Positive Attitude

Being healthy has a psychological aspect. There is a close link between your mind and body and their connection to your health. Your mind controls various factors that have an effect on your health. Your mind controls things such as how you manage stress, limiting your consumption of alcohol, not smoking, consuming a healthy diet, exercising to keep fit and how you general attitude towards life.

Conventional medicine is limited in treating health conditions. In most cases, it only takes the right mind-set to achieve good health. When a person is not concerned about their health, they are concerned or drawn to habits that are not healthy.

There is no secret formula for living a healthy life. The answer to leading a productive and healthy life is in most cases, the things you take for granted. Eating right, chiropractic and detoxification, exercising, enough sleep, and a positive mind-set are some of the key elements of maintaining your health.

Here's another 2 for good measure ...

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is about keeping your body aligned in order to function properly. The body cannot repair or heal itself if you are having misalignments in your back, knees, hip, ribs and neck. Misalignments lead to the restricted flow of blood and as a result, nutrients do not get to all parts of your body.

Misalignment of your joints causes you to experience a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve is also known as a silent killer because in most cases people are not aware of them until it is too late. Pinched nerves cannot deliver impulses to the brain effectively. When the parts of your body that depend on nerve communication fail to get accurate signals from your brain, your nerves do not function properly.

Pinched nerves lead to a host of symptoms including heart palpitations, hot flashes and serious pain. Conventional medicine can only relieve pain and cannot treat pinched nerves. The solution to aligning body joints and correcting pinched nerves is chiropractic care.


Detoxification is the procedure for neutralizing or clearing the build-up of toxins in your body. Detoxification is one of the processes for restoring body health. Some of the benefits of detoxification include better sleep, strong immune system, improved metabolism, renewed energy and reduced food cravings.

One of the major causes of disease is the build-up of toxins in your body's cells. Detoxification also reduces your vulnerability to disease. When toxins build up, your body does not function properly. This could lead to various diseases such as cancer. Anyone can gain a benefit from detoxifying their body. However overweight people, those exposed to chemicals at their work place, persons with health problems or people who consume alcohol regularly, have a high need to go through detoxification.


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Good Health is essential for a Happy & Active Lifestyle

In order to maintain an active lifestyle one requires good health. Probably the most important element for achieving good health is proper nutrition (i.e. a balanced diet), supported by regular exercise, quality sleep and a positive attitude.

The way to enjoy good health is no secret but it is often overlooked. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle now, one based upon Good Nutrition and Regular Exercise reduces the risk of serious illness later in life.

Recent research suggests that diseases such as cancer are becoming more prevalent. Could that be related to less than adequate nutrition? In our modern past-paced, hectic lifestyle nutritious family meals are often replaced with highly processed fast foods eaten on the go rather than digested leisurely.

Good food is more than a good idea it's essential! Likewise folk who don't exercise their physical body, will likely lose strength, stamina and endurance… the old saying springs to mind… "Use it or loose it!"

Additional benefit can be gained from boosting the body's ability to produce its very own master antioxidant "glutathione", to counteract the natural decline in production as we age.