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Simple Ways to Eliminate Vaginal Odor

How to ge rid of vaginal odor

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Women are referred as the weak gender since they all alone have to deal with so many problem in life then come some common disease that they have to cope up with some feminine diseases. Normally, it would be diseases that are related to or around the areas below your belly. And the most common problem that women have to deal is vaginal odor as it can happen at any time for women of any age.

There are so many reasons leading to vaginal odor such as yeast bacteria, intercourse, poor hygiene and un clean clothes. At first, you might have to suffer from the itching and redness sensation, eventually, there will be even burning sensation and side effects. If you leaf this problem untreated, it is possible that it causes sides effect then directly affect to maternal health.

Worries none, however, for there are still simple ways to eliminate vaginal odor to help you out without consulting doctor in the first place. They can be really simple to apply at home and safe, which is the most important quality.

1. Yogurt

This is probably the most common ingredient used to treat vaginal disease. The reason for this is that it works wonderfully in dealing with all the bad bacteria. Along side, it helps regenerate good bacteria within the areas. Plus, it is available and simple to apply at home.

How to apply:

  • Take out one yogurt then spread them all over the tampon.
  • Directly put the tampon within the affected areas.
  • Keep it there and change the new one every two hours.
  • Of course, you need to rinse off well with water after that or it might worsen the problem. This way is in order to balance the pH level within vaginal, thanks to that, you can no longer have to deal with the annoying and irritating odor anymore.

2. Change Panties Constantly

No matter how it is important, many people seem to skip this thing. Normally, you would change your panty once a day, however, in the case that you are having vaginal odor issue, it is the best that you change your panty twice a day or even thrice a day so that bacteria cannot have the environment to grow. Also, it is notes that you use the type that can absorb water well so that your "region" would breathe. There are types of cloth that are ideal to choose: silk, cotton and so forth. Also, you need to remember to make sure the ones that you use are always clean.

3. Citrus Fruit

Citrus fruits are not only good for your skin health, they are also good for other parts of the body, and vaginal is included. The reason for this is that it has high amount of antioxidants, anti-inflammatories that can control bacteria within the region.

You can either apply slice of these foods over the affected areas or consume them to fix the problem internally and externally.

All you need to do is to cut them into slices and have them eaten after at lest 15 minutes to control vaginal odor internally, from the insides.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

The trick of applying apple cider vinegar is super simple.

How to apply:

  • Take out small amount apple cider vinegar dipped into the tampon.
  • Directly put it under the vaginal region.
  • Keep them for a while, around 2 - 3 hours before rinsing off with water, remember to use the warm water.
  • Pad the region dry using clean cloth.
  • Put on the silk panties/ underwear before going to bed.

5. Tea Tree Oil

If you want to deal with the problem of vaginal odor, it is ideal that you choose ingredient that is packed with high amount of antifungal and antibacterial and most of all, anti-inflammatory so that they could kill off almost bad bacteria triggering the problem of bacteria vaginal. Fortunately, those properties are all available in tea tree oil. You could make use of it right at home and the best part is that you can notice satisfied result only after few weeks in most of the case.

However, since they are quite available, it is super important that you choose this type of oil carefully or it might bring bad effect or worsen the situation.

6. Garlic

You might not think that garlic is a best choice since garlic stinks so it might even make the odor within vaginal get worse. However, you should think again, really. There are high concentration of anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory packed in garlic so that they can control almost bad bacteria within the region. Besides, it balances pH level so that your vaginal become healthier.

How to apply:

  • Take out and crush cloves of fresh garlic.
  • Apply over the affected areas using clean tampon.
  • Keep them for 2 hours before rinsing off well with water.


How to get rid of vaginal odor 
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