A Simple Recipe for Good Health
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Blue Zones Lead Us to a Higher Level of Wellness

Americans are living longer in 2018 than ever before, so finding a healthy lifestyle that fits your lifestyle and personality is essential once you hit the magic number of 40. There are elements in the human system that decrease with age, so they need to be replenished, such as certain hormones and significant amino acids that are in the Glutathione complex, which is almost half what it was at 40. So when the stress of work and life, in general, is wearing you down, and you know you could have more energy and more vitality, how do you create a lifestyle that fights back?

The Blue Zones

The world is divided into five Blue Zones, according to Dan Buettner, and they are specific places on the globe where the residents have an extreme longevity that reaches to over 100 for both men and women. The locations are Sardinia Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece and the only zone in America, Loma Linda, California, which is designated for Seventh-day Adventists. This is also the only Zone where spirituality is the factor, but their spiritual traditions fall in line with the traits all the Blue Zones share. There are three main traits: a plant-based diet, recognizing the need for rest whether it is taking a siesta or reserving the entire Sabbath day for relaxation, and having a close family and friend network. These three traits are present in all five Blue Zones where the highest concentration of centenarians is found.

American Lifestyles of Nutrition, Exercise, and Supplements

Over 100 is definitely attainable for Americans and those living in the tech-advanced countries around the world. Today, we have the most advanced medical knowledge and scientific research than ever before. Scientists know more now than ever, and they can explain how the body functions and what it needs for optimum performance down to the molecule. The key lies in getting this information to the average adult, so they are able to benefit from it.

Baby Boomers are the first generation to have this knowledge that includes exposure to natural vitamins, herbs, and nutrients that benefit the body along with natural foods. The same is true for all the recent information on exercise and its importance to the entire system. Up until 30-40 years ago, exercise was used only to strengthen muscles or build the frame of a body. Today, it is general knowledge that exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy body that lasts into the 80s and 90s.

Exercise activities do not have to be the same for all. In the town of Sardinia, Italy, which is consists of sheepherders who walk five miles a day herding sheep, this is their activity, and they live to 100 and over! Herding sheep for exercise might be difficult in Chicago and Atlanta, but anybody can walk one to five miles in their own community to give their entire body the exercise required to maintain extreme health. Maybe you live in a condo in Florida. Swimming for an hour a day is another great choice, but find an activity that you can incorporate into your life for 30-60 minutes every day. If you can do your activity outdoors that is an added bonus because it allows your mind to rest from the technology of Cinside." Remember the sheepherders are active from sun up to sun down!

Some might be saying, "I just don't feel like doing anything," and this would indicate that you are not supplying your body with the right fuel. For those over 40, you must consider that it's time to replenish some of those nutritional factors that begin to decline. That would include Glutathione, which instigates the immune system - which instigates your entire system and have your hormone levels checked by your doctor. If you are feeling like you have only enough energy to get by, and it's difficult getting up in the morning, your immune system isn't up to par. You can have the energy and focus that keeps you young at heart by increasing your natural Glutathione with MaxONE or Cellgevity, two complexes that consist of three amino acids.

If that described you, then your immune system could just be worn out, and your Glutathione level is most likely low. By boosting it, you can restore the body's natural production to a normal state from its diminished state. MaxONE and Cellgevity are two high-quality supplements that assist this natural production of Glutathione in your body. They also act as a detox agent and an anti-inflammatory to clean the body at the cellular level. The result is more energy, stamina, and endurance because the body is functioning as it was designed to. It also addresses being restless and discontent because of not getting enough sleep. It is not a myth that everyone needs eight hours sleep every night to wake up refreshed. Taking a one-a-day multivitamin is also an excellent choice to provide the basics for excellent health.

Healthy and Nutritional Wellness

Each of the five Blue Zones claim a plant-based diet for extreme longevity, but most Americans don't have the knowledge or time for a nutritional vegan diet and protein is required every day because it is found in every cell. It is possible to change bad eating habits into healthy ones, though, by combining good nutritional tips to make your lifestyle one of health and wellness.

The everyday American diet can easily turn to fast food and quick, processed foods for dinner, but with some tips on how to adjust your nutritional level, you can bypass the effects of inadequate nutrition.

  • Some days Wendy's or McDonalds are inevitable, but you can make better selections when you get there. Look over the menu; choose items that aren't deep fried, and stay away from the French Fries, no matter how tempting. This will be a huge factor towards a better diet.
  • Eliminate sodas; stick with filtered water and tea.
  • In the Summer: Grilling meat and veggies outside is a clean and healthy way to cook.
  • Go to Farmer's Markets, and buy local produce. Fewer pesticides are used and you'll find they are fresher and contain more nutrients.
  • Read the labels. Purchase meat or chicken that say NO steroids or chemicals, and have NO added "natural" flavorings added.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of filtered water every day to flush out toxins.

Adapting your everyday diet to focus on nutrition will provide a platform that contributes to ultimate wellness. Of course, the more tips you incorporate into your lifestyle, the higher level of wellness you and your family will obtain. The basics are what they've always been: lots of fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, sweet potatoes, organic meats, chicken, wild-caught fish and olive oil. Discover new and delicious ways to serve them!


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The Not-So-Secret But often Ignored Way to Good Health

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This article seeks to inspire readers to eat healthier meals and be more active to reduce their risk of serious illness.

Evidence suggests that diseases such as cancer are becoming more prevalent. Could that be related to less than adequate nutrition? In our modern past-paced and hectic lifestyle nutritious family meals are often replaced with highly processed fast foods eaten on the go rather than digested leisurely.

Good food is more than a good idea it's essential! Likewise folk who don't exercise their physical body, will likely lose strength, stamina and endurance… the old saying springs to mind… "Use it or loose it!"

Additional benefit can be gained from boosting the body's ability to produce its very own master antioxidant "glutathione", to counteract the natural decline in production as we age.