Happiness is Found Within
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Make Time to Cultivate Happiness

Happiness is found within

Date Published Friday, July 31, 2015

Hurriedness has become an accepted state of existence for many people. It is that constant busyness that prohibits us from maintaining the connectedness with ourselves that is necessary to cultivate happiness. Lasting happiness begins within. It is not generated nor sustained by material possessions. Enduring happiness does not spontaneously come into being. You must first establish a starting point for finding happiness and continually take steps to sustain it.

Get acquainted with yourself

Most likely, your calendar has numerous events, activities and obligations written on it. In big red letters, you need to schedule in appointed times to meet with yourself. A positive self-image is an essential element in living in a happy state of mind. During those meetings with yourself, you might want to make a list of your good qualities. Sometimes, it's easy to forget to congratulate yourself when you achieve a goal. This is a good time to commend yourself. Write down compliments you've received from others or simply list the ways that you are proud of yourself. You're going to be living with yourself as long as you're alive. Establishing a friendship with yourself is a key step in experiencing lasting happiness.

Small pleasures

When you consistently hurry from one point to another throughout the day, you miss a lot of the small pleasures that can nurture happiness. One way to develop the habit of noticing small pleasures and appreciating their value is to keep a gratitude journal. Set aside a few minutes at the end of the day to make a list of non-materialistic things you're grateful for. Knowing that you will end your day this way, will help you slow down and be more observant of small blessings, pleasures and unexpected, delightful occurrences that are scattered throughout your day.

Basic needs

You could be doing yourself an injustice if you are using up all of your time to acquire material possessions. If your basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing are being met, you should turn your focus inward and take time to cultivate lasting happiness. Material possessions can consume a large portion of your time. Choosing a small home over an expansive one and minimizing your possessions could free up some of your time. That extra time could be spent doing things that you enjoy.

Eat and sleep well

Have you ever noticed how two of life's most pleasurable experiences are often the things that are neglected when your schedule becomes overloaded with obligations? Good health and happiness go hand in hand. Proper diet and sufficient sleep are necessary components of a healthy lifestyle. It's all too easy to skip a meal or grab a quick bite when you're functioning on overload. It's also likely that you'll forfeit some of your sleep time to attempt to finish your list of daily obligations. Both of these actions can be detrimental to your health and ultimately hinder your happiness.

You should set aside a specific amount of time for meals and value that time as much as you do any scheduled appointments you have. Concentrate on preparing and eating foods that have numerous health benefits. When you feel good physically, you have a better frame of mind.

There's a long list of health issues that result from sleep deprivation. Your level of concentration is greatly decreased when you don't get a sufficient amount of sleep. Experts recommend that you set a time for going to bed and getting up and stick with that routine seven days a week. A pre-bedtime ritual such as meditating, writing in a journal, having a cup of hot tea or listening to relaxing music can help you fall asleep faster.


Another way to nurture your inner happiness is to incorporate socializing into your calendar. While it's essential that you be comfortable with solitude, it's also important to your overall happiness that you interact in positive ways with others. This interaction can include activities such as dining out with friends, attending sporting events, club meetings, worship services or going to concerts. Volunteering enables you to enjoy socializing with others. It's also personally rewarding to help others. Volunteer opportunities abound and vary so much that you shouldn't have any trouble finding your niche.

Healthy activity

A lot of the activities you engage in throughout the day or the week, probably do not directly relate to your goal of finding and maintaining personal happiness. Somewhere on your daily calendar, you should include a time for personal, healthy activity. Use this time to challenge your mind with word games or puzzles. You might want to enroll in some type of course that encourages your creativity. Home improvement centers and craft stores often offer short courses in DIY projects. This could be a fantastic way to discover hidden talent or renew your interest in a passion you've put aside. A healthy activity that you could easily incorporate into your schedule would be to watch a funny movie or read a humorous book. Laughter really is good for you.

In our hurried world, we have come to expect everything to occur in an instant. Lasting happiness is something that is achieved through dedication. You have to be willing to dedicate time to self-discovery. You must learn to appreciate life's simple pleasures and place a high value on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Inner happiness is maintained by a positive frame of mind and an attitude of gratitude. It's up to you to include a certain amount of time in your daily schedule for you to engage in activities that cultivate your happiness.


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Happiness is a habit cultivate it Elbert Hubbard

The often encouraged Pursuit of Happiness in material goods and fun experiences is misguided. Enduring peace and joy is found within yourself when you stop searching for happiness externally. Choose to be happy, decide to enjoy every moment of your life. Life is too short to waste on grudges. Laugh when you can and apologize when you should. Let go of what you can't change, then you will start to discover an increasing level of peace and joy within yourself.