Today is the time to be Happy!
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Be Happy Right Now - Don't Wait For Tomorrow

You can choose to be HAPPY now if you take time to appreciate all the good things you currently have

Date Published Wednesday, July 22, 2015 Happines is choice so be happy right now in this present moment - Adopt an attitude of gratitude and be happy with whatever you already have Author: Debra R.

Have you ever taken a stroll past someone who was humming with a smile on his face, looking totally at peace and content with life? Did you wonder what his secret was?

Perhaps you are curious, or even envious, whenever you take note of happy people? As you become depressed about your troubles, you find yourself musing over the elusive secret to happiness that others appear to hold.

The good news is that there is no faraway, deep or hidden secret to being happy! Happiness is close by and entirely within your grasp, just waiting for you to pick it up and embrace it.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

A large part of being happy is wrapped up in not fretting over the little things in life. Learn to let go and relax. Details do matter, yet not as much as you may think!

There will always be bumps in the road that slow you down, but bumps shouldn't be enough to completely stall your journey. Happy people know how to take minor detours and delays in stride, and keep on going! Since you can't control every part of your trip through life, it's important to keep perspective on the whole large picture, and not to magnify the proportions of every miniscule part.

Stand Up and Face the Future

Failure is inescapable. At some point in life, everyone fails at something. Instead of letting it pull you down into depression, relate to your failure as an event to be examined and analyzed.

Why did this happen? Could you have avoided it? The answers to these questions will arm you with a new attitude. You'll be able to formulate a fresh approach so that you do better the next time you confront the same challenge. This is a mindset filled with optimism, which is an integral part of happiness. Optimism when contemplating your bright future also brings you happiness in the present.

Positive Use of Your Energy

Being happy today is a result of thinking and doing things from which you derive pleasure. Your job title, salary or position isn't what counts, and neither is the money that you spend. When it comes to happiness, what matters is how you enjoy the time and energy that you expend.

Where are you investing your personal energy? If you apply it towards socializing with people you care about or put it into projects that you find meaningful, then happiness is the wonderful by-product.

Today is my favorite day it is the time to be happy and for action

The Here and Now

Stop procrastinating. We all have grand plans and lovely dreams for the future, but these should not be used as excuses for delaying happiness. Every day when you wake up, make a mental list of what's on your agenda for the day. Who will you see? What will you do? There's bound to be some task on your schedule that lifts your heart.

Zoom in on those pleasing parts of your upcoming day, and you'll find joy sweeping over your present. Submit to the elated feeling generated by anticipation for what's to come. Let it wash over you and you'll find that a cheerful blush is added to all of the moments leading up to that time. Why push off until later what you can enjoy right now?

You Call the Shots

Don't doubt your own judgment. Many people find themselves second guessing every decision they make. This type of insecurity leads to despair over how to behave, that counters any upbeat feelings of self-satisfaction. Reassure yourself that you know what's best for you, and take confident action based on this knowledge. The assurance that comes from trusting yourself is a powerful pick-me-up.

Remember, even when you make the wrong decision (everyone makes mistakes!), don't go back and dwell on it. Move on and move forwards with certainty. You don't need to receive public approval or garner acceptance for your behavior, you just need to do what you believe is best.

Go Exploring

We often find ourselves getting stuck in a rut. Perhaps you do the same thing each day, in the same order, with the same people and in the same place. When boredom spirals into dreariness, it's time to spice up your life!

Join a new class where you can develop a new skill and meet new people. It's amazing how learning something unfamiliar and original can put a bounce back in your step.

No time to attend a regular course? Try stopping at a different coffee shop during your break. Take the opportunity to taste a new flavor of cookie, or chat with a different waitress.

Even commuting to work via a new route can stir zest into your day. It's astounding how a small change in routine can infuse you with a positive frame of mind!

Take Inventory

At the end of each day, dedicate a few minutes to review all of the blessings that you have. Feeling thankful is often the best way to boost your mood and simply be happy.

Hone in on your own life, without comparing it to anyone else. With happiness, there is no place for competition or jealousy. If anything, happy people are like magnets that attract other happy people.

Once you find your inner bliss, share it. Spreading happiness to your family, friends and total strangers will increase your own joy in life. Give it a try! Next time you take a stroll through the park, smile at others who are passing by. Odds are that they'll smile back, and your own happiness will soar even higher!


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True Happiness can be found within all of us

Whether or not you realize it; you have the ability to decide to be happy now in this very present moment! Daily life presents us with many opportunities to choose. We can choose sadness or joy; forgiveness or revenge; peace or anger; love versus hate; and trust or suspicion. The way we respond to the behavior of other people, as well to life's challenges, determines our perception of life and whether or not we decide to be happy at any particular present moment. Always try to hold happiness in your mind; pursue it with your passion; show it on your face; create it within yourself. Then you can share it with the world to see that you have something special within you!

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