Benefits of Healthy Activity
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The Benefits of Staying Active on a Daily Basis

Keeping healthy and happy by staying physically active enjoying life

Date Published UPDATED: Saturday, October 10, 2020 Regular exercise can help you lose weight - Staying Active has many health benefits Author: Liz G.

There are incredible benefits to staying active and not allowing life to take over. The world we live in screams non-involvement and complacency, so how do we reply? Escaping into our homes after work every day is not the answer. We can enjoy a better lifestyle and attitude by improving our health, and there are plenty of activities that you can choose from to stimulate your physical system adding more happiness to your life.

Regardless of age or fitness level, research shows that everyone from mall-walkers to professionals receives fantastic benefits from consistent activity. When you are aware of the benefits, getting inspired to participate in some sort of physical activity every day makes it all seem worthwhile.

Learning From Your Childhood, Whether Active or Inactive

As a child I was extremely active, running, swimming, playing sports and more, but when I got into my twenties, work and college consumed my day and my activity level dropped. After I graduated from college, I joined a gym and went religiously five times a week; I enjoyed working out with others who also liked to workout, and I became addicted to the stress release and dopamine rush that I got, but I was healthy and rarely got sick; I generally felt good.

After 10 years of working out at the gym, I found that I could get a great aerobic workout while burning excess calories just as easily by walking, jogging, bicycling and swimming, and I could do them on my own schedule.

Choosing Exercise that brings the Best Results

Many people join a gym to build muscle and generally promote better health, but studies show that any exercise that accelerates the heart rate for 30 minutes accomplishes the goal. Choosing activities that work for you is key to your program because if you like them, you will be committed to doing them. Staying consistent with your exercise is significant to staying fit, and though professionals may suggest the gym or a workout video are the only "real" ways to stay fit, organized exercise is just one way.

Walking, running, biking, swimming, dancing or playing a game of tennis for a least a half-hour will significantly accelerate your heart rate, though it is doing the activity daily that is the prescription for a lifetime of wellness. To stay in your best health, switch between two or three favorite exercises during the month. This proves to be more effective than doing the same one for years.

The reason for this is that in the workout you want to involve every muscle group, and one exercise typically only focuses on a certain set of muscles. For example, doing push-ups every day for a year will build super biceps and triceps, but doesn't stimulate circulation to every organ and cell, which is the goal of a successful routine.

We are made of four major areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and consistent exercise will improve all four. We get satisfaction, whether conscious or subconscious when one of these areas receives good attention like participating in a vigorous activity. Exercising with a partner may satisfy all four areas for some people. This satisfaction comes from on-purpose activity for a half hour every day, and the longer you are at it, the better you'll feel.

10 Benefits of Staying Fit with Consistent and Fun Activities

  1. Lowers Stress Levels

    The office and the traffic can get overwhelming, but with a 30-minute workout, walking on the treadmill or taking a half-hour bike ride, tension and stress that collects in muscles and joints, and causes headaches is released. What a relief!

  2. Promotes Weight Loss

    Let's not forget the calories that burn off, and the weight that begins to melt off with consistent exercise. Obesity is the number one health concern for both children and adults in the United States!

  3. Improves the function of your mind

    The brain is simply another muscle, so stimulating exercise and a nutritious diet will keep it performing well. Studies show that working out between age 25 and 45 boosts the chemicals in the brain for both long and short term memory, and staying active after 45 maintains proper functioning for a lifetime.

  4. Deletes worry from the brain

    Physical exercise naturally relaxes muscles and knots of tension that build up over several days, and good activity also increases norepinephrine, a chemical that calms the brain in response to stress. Endorphins are also released, so it's a Win-Win.

  5. Is a boost for self-confidence

    Typically, after exercising and a shower, you will feel like a million bucks! On a very basic level, physical fitness boosts self-esteem and promotes a positive self-image that will quickly elevate your perspective and give you a healthy glow.

  6. Helps memory

    Regular physical activity keeps the blood flow strong, which improves the ability to learn new things as well as memory. The brain is a muscle, and increased blood flow for a limited time daily keeps the production of cells high in the hippocampus, which is where memory and learning abilities are located. Research has proven that running improved memory and new learning vocabulary in both adults and children. This explains why children and adults need regular exercise.

  7. The enjoyment of exercising outdoors

    For an extra positive boost, take your workout outside occasionally. Choose whatever activity you prefer from hiking, rock-climbing, canoeing, kayaking, skiing or simply walking around your neighborhood, and enjoy the added benefit of Vitamin D3, which adds an extra punch to your exercise routine. Vitamin D3 is absorbed through the skin to heal, and the sunlight lifts your emotions and mood preventing dull or symptoms of depression. Together, they naturally produce self-confidence and a feeling of wellbeing when not taken to excess. Remember to always use sunscreen!

  8. Replace addictions with exercise for a better high

    The brain has an automatic response system. Whenever it determines pleasure, dopamine or the "feel-good" chemical is released, and we like that. This response works with things that are not good for us too such as alcohol, drugs and overeating. Chemicals can cause us to "feel good," but regular physical activity makes a great replacement for the harmful addictions. Dopamine is a natural high!

  9. Get more done during the day

    I know it sounds crazy, but when you give up a half-hour out of your day to activate your body and relax your mind, that half-hour allows you to answer some of the day's pressing problems, which saves you time in the long run. With distractions out of the way, it's much easier to tap into your creative nature. What a workout!

  10. Inspiration to others

    Research shows that most people perform better when they have a loyal workout buddy. See if your mate or friend would like to join you.

Staying Active is a Healthy Alternative

The positive benefits from staying active far outweigh the inconvenience or being too tired. Find a time and an aerobic activity that fits your schedule and make it part of your lifestyle. When you regularly connect with that place in yourself that is peaceful and calm, the benefits will materialize.

You can use the benefits listed here, staying in shape, reduced bouts of sickness, self-confidence and thinking clearer as motivation for a better life. The opportunities to choose from are endless, and this perfect time for those sitting on the fence of participation to choose an activity and get started.


What inspires you to stay fit and what are your favorite exercises that keep you fit?

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How to Get Started

To take advantage of the benefits mentioned above your regular exercise does not need to be too strenuous, just enough to raise your heart rate for 30 minutes or so. However if you are not accustomed to getting out and about enjoying nature while riding a bicycle or walking briskly around the local park you can get started gently with the following suggestions. If you catch a bus to work get off one stop before you normally get off and then walk the remaining distance. A similar approach when catching a lift in a high-rise building, get off one floor before your destination and walk up one flight of stairs. When you go shopping park your car further away from the entrance. If you feel you don't have sufficient energy to get started with these simple activities then you may like to try MaxATP nutritional drink. It is a healthy alternative to regular energy drinks based on sugar and/or caffeine. MaxATP powered by RiboCeine helps your body produce ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) your natural energy source.

Once you get comfortable with your new level of activity you can start walking around the block at home. The objective is to gradually add extra steps to your daily routine and build up the amount of time you spend moving around rather than sitting.  Keep it up and before long you will be ready to embark on some more prolonged and enjoyable forms of exercise.

REFLECTION ON PURPOSE: This article's prime target audience is folk 40 years and older, i.e. those whose glutathione levels are already significantly depleted, without intervention. The main point I would like the article to stress is that prevention is much better than searching for and struggling with the treatment of serious diseases. I'm convinced that a sensible nutritional plan something like the "Mediterranean Diet" can greatly lessen the risk of serious illness. In addition, taking Max Cellgevity on a daily basis is a very effective way to boost glutathione levels. Multivitamins can also be helpful when pressures of a hectic lifestyle make it difficult to get the necessary nutrition of missing from rushed meals. I don't want to propose anything too strict or be totally prescriptive. I would just like to provide some gentle encouragement to readers to start think about how they can improve their chances of enjoying an active older life.